Serengeti Kali lion with sister

        Serengeti Kali lion with sister

        Picture Shows: Kali, lioness with sister, Serengeti, Tanzania, East Africa. Photo: JDP

        From: Serengeti

        Photo by: Richard Jones ©JDP

        Richard Jones, JDP

        Roar Along to the Serengeti Soundtrack

        Plugin your headphones and get ready to belt ??"Ser-en-ge-teeeeee." ??

        The natural history series Serengeti introduced us to some of the most memorable inhabitants of the African savannah. For the millions who tuned in, the theme song is probably still plays in your head whenever you think of of these wildlife heroes.

        Now, you can hear the epic soundtrack on any streaming platform! Relive Kali's passion for her cubs, Bakari's love triangle, and the majesty of the elephant family. The music, composed by Will Gregory of Goldfrapp perfectly captures the love and loss, jealousy and rivalry, tragedy and triumph of the animals' live as they unfold in the heart of this legendary land.

        The soundtrack features rising star Lola Lennox with additional vocal talents of UK pop star Cathy Dennis and American Idol favorite Joshua Ledet.

        Track List:

        1. Serengeti – Performance by Lola Lennox
        2. Wild Hearts – Performance by Cathy Dennis
        3. Wild Hearts – Performance by: Joshua Ledet
        4. Elephant Song – Performance by Lola Lennox
        5. Cheetah Song – Performance by Lola Lennox
        6. Hyena Song – Performance by Lola Lennox
        7. Zebra Song – Performance by Lola Lennox
        8. Lioness Song – Performance by Lola Lennox

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