Gifts for Nature Lovers

        Can’t think of what to get the nature lover in your family? From gifts that give back to wildlife experiences, we’ve got you covered!

        December 23, 2019

        Bee House

        Foster a blooming garden but also pollinator bees at the same time. This Mason Bee House not only helps increase the productivity of pollination, it provides native pollinator bees a habitat and safe environment.

        Donate to #TeamTrees

        #Teamtrees may have reached their 20 million goal but planting trees on our Earth doesn’t stop there. Opt for a gift of hope for a better planet with a donation to #TeamTrees on behalf of your friends and family—all proceeds go towards planning trees with the Arbor Day Foundation and #TeamTrees.

        Learn all about the #TeamTrees project only on Discovery GO.

        Boravis Whiskey Glasses- Landscape Set

        A “sunset” view from the comfort of your… whiskey glass? This Landscape Whiskey Glass Set let’s nature lovers enjoy a moment to toast to the great outdoors.

        WWF Sack of Socks

        Socks might seem like a boring gift, but these are nothing short of wild. This Sack of Socks from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) feature amazing animals—many of which are threatened by wildlife crime, habitat loss and climate change. Plus, your purchase benefits the WWF and its conservation efforts around the world.

        The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

        Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? Or that ostriches can't walk backward? Explore over 100 pages of animals and remarkable facts about them in The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts book.

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